My Resume
(Last Updated October 7, 2006)


Name:  Mr. Nathaniel Scott Coan
Aliases:  Nathan, Nate
Address:  I still live with my parents.  It's cool though, I'm still 5 so they let me stay for free in return for many hugs and kisses.
Phone:  I have a cell phone, but it is full of candy.  It gets bad reception, but does give me a quick pick-me-up.



Executive toy tester position allowing me to take advantage of my natural alpha pup ability and multi-slacking skills.


I was born at a very early age.  Motivated, high energy non-professional with a successful 3 year track record of bringing smiles to everyone I meet.  Talent for quickly learning how to work new toys and new skills.  Flexible, versatile, and down right cute.


July 2001 - Current
Processed Food Intake Coordinator.  This job involves many aspects.  Started as pure intake but more recently done more with the preparations involved with the food.  Have good working knowledge of the microwave, the process of cooking a hot dog, and making sandwiches.  Favorite aspect of this job is the intake of Pizza & hot dogs.


  • May 2005 - Perfect Attendance for my whole school life!  Every day - rain, snow, whatever - my parents dragged me to school!
  • Ability to make everyone around me to smile
  • Awarded "Son of the Month" 47 out of the last 48 months! (February was a bad month - I would rather not talk about it.)
  • ADVANCED computer skills for a 4 year old.  Great mouse control, plus can type 3 WPM if you tell me which letters to type since I can't spell many words myself yet
  • Can count to 50
  • Know my alphabet


  • Kristen Coan (Mother)
  • Michael Coan (Father)
  • (and I'll bet Grandma & Grandpa would put in a good word for me too.)





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