bullet February 26, 2001 - Baby's First web page created by his daddy opened.
bullet March 10, 2001 - Baby went on first Hot Air Balloon Ride while in mommy's belly!
bullet April 1, 2001 - First "crib" put up by daddy
bullet May 7, 2001 - Still waiting - nothing new - baby's crib being used to store all the clothes / magazines / and other "baby" junk that we have collected so far - and no names picked out yet.
bullet May 12, 2001 - A possible first name is agreed upon by both Mother and Father. 
bullet May 13, 2001 (Mothers Day!) - Baby went on second Hot Air Balloon Ride while in mommy's belly!
bullet May 14, 2001 - Doctors Visit - Everything fine - Aprox 4 pounds 1 ounce in mommy's belly!
bullet June 25, 2001 - Everything the same.....   just waiting now
bullet Days in Hospital:
July 18, 2001 2:30am - Between pushing, Daddy is watching a re-run of Jay Leno that is on TV!  :-)
July 18, 2001 2:59am - BABY IS BORN!
July 18, 2001 3:00am - Baby starts to cry - very cute and special!
July 18, 2001 5:00am - Baby cries some more.
July 18, 2001 6:00am - Baby cries some more.
July 18, 2001 7:00am - Baby cries some more - let nurse take him for awhile.
July 18, 2001 8:00am - Mommy and Daddy sleep in piece for a short while.
July 18, 2001 9:00am - Baby cries some more.
July 18, 2001 10:00am - Baby cries some more - not as cute and special as it was 7 hours earlier.
July 18, 2001 1:00pm - Daddy comes home to call a few people, e-mail a few people, get things together, and post the first pictures to the web page!
July 19, 2001 ALL DAY - Baby cries all the time (at least it seems that way)  Nursery takes him a few times - Mommy and Daddy rest!
July 20, 2001 2:00pm - Baby, Mommy, and Daddy come home.
July 20, 2001 9:18pm - Daddy updates website with more pictures and information.
July 20, 2001 9:19pm - Baby starts to cry again!
July 20, 2001 9:20pm - Daddy looks around for a nurse "Call" button to take baby to nursery - can't find button!  UGH!  I meant to bring that call button home with us!
bullet August 11, 2001 - Baby did his first "Crewing" for a Hot Air Balloon!  (he slept most of the time)
bullet August 18, 2001 - ONE MONTH OLD! - Went to his first movie - and slept and ate through Rush Hour 2
bullet August 31 - Sept 2, 2001 - Non-Event Balloon Event - CREW FIRST BALLOONING EVENT! (very long weekend!)
bullet September 6, 2001 - Daddy updated website - Put all kinds of "pointless" extra stuff - and MORE PICTURES!
bullet September 7, 2001 - Walked down the road to Westville High School - Watched for about 20 minutes Westville score a couple of times against PBL.  Getting ready for tomorrow!
bullet September 8, 2001 - FIRST NCAA FOOTBALL GAME - Illinois won with 17 points against Northern Illinois with 12 points!
bullet September 18, 2001 - 2 month birthday - got some shots (OUCH!) - Weight is 11 pounds, 11 ounces
bullet October 21, 2001 - Updating pictures now - baby doing the same - grabbing and holding things - bringing things to his mouth and other fun stuff.
bullet December 31, 2001 - 11:59pm - Mommy (and baby) are awaken by Daddy - Baby cried for the rest of the year...and the start of the next until he was able to go back to sleep!  (Mean daddy - waking baby up in the middle of the night!)
bullet January 15, 2002 - Everything fine - Daddy updating the webpage again.
bullet January 31, 2002 - Everything fine - Daddy updating the webpage again.
bullet February 5, 2002 - Nathan on all 4's - no tummy - pushup on tip toes (picture in picture section)
bullet March 9, 2002 - Nathan does first "long" crawl across floor.  He wanted to get the Bumble Ball
bullet March 17, 2002 - Mommy thinks Nathan said "MAMA" for the first time.  Daddy thinks he was just babbling.
bullet March 20, 2002 - Mommy & Daddy see's 2 white "bumps" where my teeth will be soon.
bullet March 24, 2002 - Daddy updates website - does all kinds of things - more pictures!
bullet March 26, 2002 - It's now springtime - and I got my first Snowman (check out the pictures) - Daddy also posted updated pictures.
bullet April 2, 2002 - FIRST TIME ON TV - me and the Cookie Monster!  First time at the Assembly Hall - went to see Sesame Street Live - Let's Be Friends.
bullet April 3, 2002 - Daddy updates website with Sesame Street Live pictures and information
bullet April 23, 2002 - MY FIRST HAIRCUT (sort-off) - Daddy got his hair cut, so we talked the person into cutting a little of my hair also, so I don't have my curls anymore - BUT THEY WILL BE BACK!
bullet April 24, 2002 - Daddy updates website with more pictures
bullet May 2002 - I grew some more teeth and some more hair.
bullet June 27, 2002 - Daddy updates website - Puts me "floating" on the page - wicked!
bullet July 18, 2002 - I made it through my first year!  YEAAA!!!  Time to celebrate!!!!
bullet July 28, 2002 - Daddy has his own message board - You can talk about me here if you want!
bullet July 28, 2002 - Picture Update #11 - 49 pictures, including my birthday pictures
bullet Aug 9, 2002 - First boat ride - around Lake Vermillion
bullet Aug 21, 2002 - Got to meet Jim Lovell (The Astronaut) when we went on his first hot air balloon ride
bullet Sept 8, 2002 - Picture Update #12 - many many picture
bullet Dec 18, 2002 - Baby Coan's site CLOSED - Nathan's World OPEN  (Since I'm 17 months old now - I'm not a baby anymore!)  (Same site, new name!)

As of 2003, I'm just growing so fast, and Daddy is just been too busy to keep updating this part of my website.


Here are some "quick" stats (updated Aug 2003):

Favorite Foods:

P & J Sandwiches
Anything with Ketchup!
Favorite Movie: I love any video with Elmo or The Bear in the Big Blue House.  Some of the other movies that I REALLY like are Shrek, Monsters Inc., Cats & Dogs, Roger Rabbit, Lilo & Stitch, and Flubber!
Favorite outdoor activity: I love watching Hot Air Balloons!  (OK, so mommy loves playing with the balloon while daddy has me far enough away so the burners don't scare me too much.)

Favorite Toy:
Oh great - I knew you were going to ask me this - I don't know, I love ALL my toys!  If I picked just one, I would upset my other toys, and one thing you do not want is toys upset with you.
Number of Teeth: a lot of teeth.  CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP
# of times on T.V. Once - I got to meet the Cookie Monster when I got to go to the Sesame Street Live show. (Pictures of event here)
First boat ride Aug 9, 2002 - Hot Air Balloons were going to take off from the Dam at Lake Vermillion in Danville - and me, mommy, and daddy went of a boat "tour" of the lake - Fun!


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