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Welcome to - new name, same old "Nathan's World" site.  My name is Nathan, and daddy still updates the site for me until I learn to do it myself... which is why this site has not been updated much. But I've got to take some of the blame, I drag him away from his computer all the time to wrestle and such so I leave him with less and less computer time.

February Updates:

February 18, 2007 Picture update (MORE pictures from February 2007)

February 17, 2007 Picture update (MORE pictures from February 2007)

February 13, 2007 Picture update (pictures from February 2007)


January 14, 2007 Update:

January 14, 2007 Picture update (pictures from Oct 2006-Dec 2006)


October 2006 Update:

October 7, 2006 Picture update (pictures from Dec 2005 - Oct 2006)

October 8, 2006 Picture update (pictures from Oct 8th only) (Since some people think no picture updates between December and October is a long time, I hope the time between these 2 picture updates is a little better.) 

October 17, 2006 Picture update (Daddy found some more "misc" pictures from 2006 - he is getting so many pictures, he is starting to lose track of them.  Some Easter, Ballooning, and another Monster Truck show.)

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