Jan 14, 2007 UPDATE
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Halloween 2006 - Trying out costumes to wear.  Mommy picked up Mickey last year - I still don't like it.
This was the Monster outfit Mommy & Daddy wanted me to wear last year, but I just did not want to.  But THIS is the one I choose for this year.
I picked this out at the store - LOOK, I'm a race car driver!  But after trying on all 3, I picked the monster to wear out this year.
LOOK at all the candy I got.  For some reason, after I woke up the next morning, most of it was gone.  I'm going to have to talk to Mommy & Daddy about that.....
Playing soccer in the yard
Just putting on my slippers
Christmas 2006 morning
Look - we got a Wii!  (Daddy poses for picture)
What?  you have to take a picture with every present I get?  This is going to get old fast!
Well if you are going to take pictures, I'll make a funny face with each one!
Look - I'm bowling
Have to get the foot action going to get that ball rolling
Mommy has her try at boxing
More presents - so more FUNNY faces



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