Picture Update #33 (Feb 18, 2007)
Since there was not many others out on the hill today, Daddy got to play a little more with his new camera - which allows him to take more "action" shots of 3 pictures a second which is pretty cool to watch me getting towards the jump, on the jump, in air, and of course the crash... I mean landing.  1,000+ pictures today - over 2 gig worth, but I'll just show you 66 or so below.
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Feb 18th - First ones on the hill this morning - Nathan getting a quick trip down the hill before Daddy even has a chance to get his camera ready!
Taking it easy at first - just going over small humps - working my nerve up for the "big" jump
There is Mommy - again pushing me down the hill
Hey Mommy - not backwards - I can't see where I'm going
Um... can't see where I'm going
OK, here is the big ramp
Getting big air - and I'm starting to spin around...
Oh oh.......... I need to slow down
I know, I'll use my face to help slow me down...
Um.... where am I?
OK, I think I'm OK.....
let me rest for a minute... Hey daddy, make sure you don't miss any pictures of anything.....
All Right... I'm OK - lets do that again!!!!!
OK, this time I see where I'm going
Hitting the ramp
Hey I'm flying!
Hey, I'm crashing!
Hey, I'm tumbling!
Hey, I'm rolling!
Hey, I've stopped!
Hey, Come back here!  Where is my tube going?
There is Mommy giving me another push
Hitting the ramp
HEY!  I stayed on this time!
I get to go all the way down
Yea, I'm having fun
Time to walk all the way back up the hill
Jumping the ramp again
Hey, I landed on the tube
.... but quickly crashed
.... and tumbled...
At least this time the tube did not take off
Lets do that again... long walk back up the hill
Hey daddy.... I found a snowball...  <evil grin>
OK, yet another trip down the hill
heading towards the ramp
Taking off from the ramp
... and landing
... and yet again crashing
tumble tumble tumble
I think I'm OK
... but I'm going to rest for a minute
Oh, hi daddy... I'm just resting for a minute
Ready for the next trip
... and yet another jump
YEA!!!!!!  A safe trip down
Hey mommy, come here
Mommy is D O W N ! ! !
Oh oh...  Mommy's turn for revenge
Um... be nice
And I'm down
Hey Mommy - what are you going?
Give me a "N"
Give me an "A"
Um.... give me something... need to get a little higher
Hey - That spells Nathan (sort of) - until I took a short-cut through the "T"
OK, time for another trip
On the ramp..
Flying off the ramp
And a perfect landing
Snow Snow Snow - So much fun!


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