Feb 13th 2007 Picture Update
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February 6th - the first snow of the season - getting ready to help daddy shovel
OK, this shovel is just TOO BIG!  Hey mommy, make sure to get me a smaller shovel before the next snow, OK?
February 13th - Still snowing - still snowing, up to a foot of snow (12") - and blowing around a lot.  Daddy & Nathan playing in the snow a little
HEY LOOK - They remembered to get me a smaller shovel! 
How much snow can I catch on my tongue? 
Daddy trying to dig out the cars
Nathan helping
Brrrrr... it's cold!
OK, time to trek out on my own
This journey is long....
I can go no further.... this trek is over!
What?  You have cookies inside!  OK, here I come
OK, lets go in
SMILE!  Hey mommy, the camera is fogging up a little