Oct 7, 2006 Picture Update
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Christmas 2005 - I did not feel good that day, but I still managed to open all my presents!
January 2006 - some late presents - yea!
Ohh... clothes, and I'm actually happy about that?
OK, here are the toys - yes!  Monster Trucks!  Sure wish I could go to Monster Truck show soon.
February 11, 2006 - I get to go to a Monster Truck Show - me and dad pose for a picture
I love this truck the most.... mostly because they played the song "Who let the dogs out" when it came out.
Nice tire... too bad this stupid yellow tape is in the way.  (I wonder what it is there for?)
Look - I have a checker flag now too.
And here are some cool pictures dad took of the monster trucks
That fire breathing dragon car is going to eat that little car - COOL!
YEA!  I'm having fun
July 2006 - Happy Birthday to me!
Riding my bike at our new house
Me and 4 cousins
Me posing for a picture
Everyone is singing to me.
August 2006 - This trip to Indy Zoo is presented by the letter U
HEY LOOK - A polar Bear
A meerkat - I wonder if she knows Flowers and the gang?
A bird
Look - I'm feeding the bird
Riding the train at the zoo
My first day of Kindergarten at my new school
My kindergarten school picture


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